Strife: Veteran Edition stuck in classic mode?

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Strife: Veteran Edition stuck in classic mode?

Post by DarkkOne »

I'm trying to play Strife: Veteran Edition in gzdoom. I point it at SVE.wad, the game starts fine, it says Veteran Edition while loading, etc, but when I play the game, if I grab the chalice and talk to the mayor, I just get killed by teleporting guards instead of sent back to the sewer room. It seems like it's running in "classic" mode, using the old scripts rather than the VE scripts.

Is this expected, or is there a setting I need to change to fix this? I tried searching the settings to no avail.
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Re: Strife: Veteran Edition stuck in classic mode?

Post by Graf Zahl »

That quest has not been changed - this was more or less hacked into the game so it was left out when adapting GZDoom for SVE. The major addition is the talisman side quest.

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