Virtualize CanSeek

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Virtualize CanSeek

Post by Accensus »

Not much to say here. Use case is better customization. Right now the only way seems to be slapping bCANTSEEK = true on stuff but that requires messing with the target actor, which can potentially cause conflicts if only specific seekers are not supposed to seek the target.
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Re: Virtualize CanSeek

Post by ZzZombo »

This is one reason I ended up making a complex targeting system using monster AI functions to find appropriate targets for my custom projectile.

Re: Virtualize CanSeek

Post by Accembus »

The use case here is I have multiple different cursing seekers, and I need them to not target enemies affected by the same curse while still targeting those that aren't. Right now, with the current implementation, using CANTSEEK, one enemy can only be affected by one curse, period. To implement a custom targeting AI is complete overkill for this.

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