Stealth effect of Shadow flag, without using it?

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Stealth effect of Shadow flag, without using it?

Post by shino1 »

Shadow flag grants two effects - aside from inaccurate enemies, it also makes players partially invisible to enemies.
I am interested in the second effect, but not in the first one. This is because veteran Doom players hate it, since it actually makes dodging projectiles harder.
So is there any way to simulate the stealth effect of flag SHADOW, but not the attack inaccuracy effect? Or a way to somehow make enemy attacks bypass it?
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Re: Stealth effect of Shadow flag, without using it?

Post by Blue Shadow »

Fact: the SHADOW flag doesn't change how an actor is rendered.

Now, if we're talking about the partial invisibility powerup, here, then you can define a new one with the needed modifications:

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class PINoShadow : PowerInvisibility
Remember to create a powerup giver as well.

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