CVars set with CVar.Set* do not get saved

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CVars set with CVar.Set* do not get saved

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The problem seems to be GetCVar, because server CVars do not get saved either. Using FindCVar works for both types, but that's a bad idea for user CVars. Just start a new game. test_string should be set to "test" when checked from the console, but it won't be. So upon closing GZDoom, it won't get saved. In-game it does count as changed for all intents and purposes, and fetching it with GetString returns the correct string, as seen in the printed string. Problem is, I need to store short user-specific data in CVars through ZScript, so the part where it's not saved to the config is kind of a problem.
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Re: CVars set with CVar.Set* do not get saved

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