Grosse/Commander Keen softlock

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Grosse/Commander Keen softlock

Post by squashmvg »

Hey, amazing source port. Big recommend to lower enders. I am having one silly issue. When reaching the end of Map32: Grosse, you are supposed to slay a few Keens to invoke tag 666 which opens the level exit. The Commander Keen things aren't appearing for me so the level soft locks. I am playing on the Unholy Massacre difficulty and I am using the doom 2 wad you get from steam, the unity one. I haven't gone into the wad to do any good stuff. Figured I'd ask about this before trying, just in case it is the port or difficulty. Cheats are disabled for this difficulty so I'm pretty sure I can't use no clip unless I reset the entire run. I have a save for the previous level if I need to skip this level at least. If not for that, I'd have to restart the game.

I can answer any more questions if necessary. And I do have a video I can post and link to. In short Keen isn't appearing on Map32 so you can't exit. You can't interact with where they're supposed to be. I tried splash and BFG damage to no avail (just in case their positions are offset). And you can't hit the switch through the wall (as far as I can tell). I wouldn't mind a workaround btw, in case this is a bug. The ammo is super, duper important but I'm sure I can live without it.

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