VM abort when using Weapon Power up

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VM abort when using Weapon Power up

Post by Virathas »

When using A_SetTics in powered weapons that inherit from Heretic original ones, will cause a VM abort when "empowered" during the attack state.

Reproduction Steps:

1. Launch newest GZDOOM (4.10.0) with the provided "mod"
2. Start a new game
3. Once in game, attack with the basic weapon (it is a ripped out goldwand)
4. During the attack state, use the tome of power
5. Observe that the game terminates with a VM abort

Repro Rate 8/10


- Reducing the amount of A_SetTics states will reduce the chance that the game will abort
- Completely changing inheritance resolves the issue: For the current example, if the base weapon inherits from the powered weapon, and the new powered weapon inherits from the new base weapon, the game will no longer cause a VM abort
- Original topic (in Scripting Help) when the problem was discovered (viewtopic.php?t=76854)
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