HoN animation improvements

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HoN animation improvements

Post by JoeyTD »

video showcase

First off you will need a copy of "hands of necromancy"

Just a small improvement to some weapons animations for hands of necromancy

List of changes
-Sword has new vertical graphics for the last three frames (both magic and non-magic)
-Fire staff has a push back graphic for the alt-fire
-Unholy grande overhead throw has a new windup graphic
-Unholy grande has a graphic "empty hand" for when the player runs out of ammo
-Pistols alt-fire has new fire graphics
-Spell book has it alt-fire page flip animation speed up'ed
-Scythes main and alt fire few second of "nothing" has been fixed
-Scythes animations for it alt-fire has been improved to show the Scythe rising above the player head then coming down
-Fixed the odd bend in the "ready" Scythe graphic
-Added in graphics for the arrow icons
-Few adjustments to weapons graphics to a line with the previous graphics

link: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/add ... provements

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