Pointless model format argument (release thread split)

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Re: Pointless model format argument (release thread split)

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I'm not talking about model formats. I'm talking about people swearing at me when I give an opinion. I never demanded anything of anyone.
I'm not demanding you give me anything at all. Not a model format or even your time.
I was just asking for people not to swear at me for saying I disagree with something then pretending that I'm the unreasonable one.
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Re: Pointless model format argument (release thread split)

Post by Rachael »

When you bikeshed that's what happens. We didn't pick IQM to be dicks to you. We (well, Shiny and dpJudas anyway, not "we") picked it because it was an easier model format to work with, from a programmer's perspective. And unfortunately, for the programmer that's really a lot more important than what's easier for everyone else to work with.

Like I said - it's a stepping stone. Having IQM supports means that we're able to add other formats. As I said, it's not to be a dick to you. It's just to even have the feature at all. The reaction you got was because you quite blatantly seemed unable to accept that.

Anyway - this discussion is over. I think this topic has been long litigated and we're going nowhere because all we're doing is repeating ourselves. So I am locking it.
That is our stance on it, and whining about it isn't going to change it.

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