Cutscenes seem to have pretty bad audio latency.

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Cutscenes seem to have pretty bad audio latency.

Post by sergeirocks100 »


This issue came up in viewtopic.php?t=76430, but i wanted to make a separate issue for that, so here it is.

There seems to be audio delay in cutscenes, which Graf said was because of inherent latency with OpenAL.

The delay, from what i measured, seems to be about 0.4 seconds, or at least that's how much i had to cut off of the beginning of the sound file to get it to sync.

I have zero clue if this delay is consistent across machines or operating systems, but if it is, it could probably be compensated for by delaying the playback of the video by however long the delay is.

In the linked PK3, there are two different .ogg files for the video. One is unaltered, and the other has 0.4 seconds cut off from the beginning (and it's also what the cutscene is set to use).

If you want to compare the two, you're going to have to open the .pk3 and change out the cutscene audio manually in the MAPINFO, because i don't think there's a better way to do it:

The audio is pretty much perfectly in sync for me, but again, i have no clue if it is for anyone else, so if it isn't in sync for you, let me know.
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Re: Cutscenes seem to have pretty bad audio latency.

Post by Enjay »

For info, on my system avsync2 is definitely not synced for me.

avsync is very close, but not perfect. I estimate that the "click" happens just shy of 0.1s after the ball has hit the rectangle (the click happens as the rectangle is passing the first green tick-mark after the ball hits it). [edit]Hmmm, I tried again and it was much closer this time - perhaps a caching issue the first time? [/edit]

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