GZDoom Donut Compatibility Setting for Vanilla (Action 9)?

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GZDoom Donut Compatibility Setting for Vanilla (Action 9)?

Post by Arsinikk »

I'm currently working on a Vanilla megawad, and the donut action 9 works correctly in every port (DSDA Doom, PrBoom Plus, Eternity Engine, Woof) except for GZDoom.
I have tested in the latest stable and dev release of GZDoom.

I suggest that maybe a compatibility setting could be added for "Doom (Strict)" for this to work correctly in Vanilla maps... that is only if the fix would break default compatibility.

I have added a video of the donut action in my map that completely breaks only in zdoom ports:

Also here is the map in the wad I'm currently working on, that you can test with (MAP01):
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s_bYXi ... sp=sharing
Joseph Baldybridge

Re: GZDoom Donut Compatibility Setting for Vanilla (Action 9)?

Post by Joseph Baldybridge »

That donut set up works in:

Chocolate Doom
Eternity Engine (only if "Use Doom floor motion behavior" is on)
PrBoom-Plus/DSDA (complevels 1-6 only; or if "Use exactly Doom's floor motion behavior" is on)
Woof (on vanilla compatability; or if "Use exactly Doom's floor motion behavior" is on)

GZDoom's compat_floormove (Use Doom's floor motion behavior) has no effect on this.

It won't play right in most other ports either. But a working compatability option for this would be good. Here's a reduced working example of the map (32 lines, 10 sectors; line etc. numbers are in the same order as in the original wad): https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0rmzznsqtb94 ... 2.zip?dl=1

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