I cannot choose the base game anymore(GZDoom)

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I cannot choose the base game anymore(GZDoom)

Post by GZDoomerneedshelp »

So I have been playing doom for a while and when I started gzdoom before, it used to show me a list of base games for a wad to run with: Ultimate doom and Doom 2, both the original and the unity version. Right now whenever I open gzdoom, it autoloads with the doom 2 being the base game. This make me unable to play with wads that are based on the ultimate doom (e.g. no end in sight). I tried changing the queryiwad or holding shift when gzdoom is opening, but nothing happened. Can someone please help?
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Re: I cannot choose the base game anymore(GZDoom)

Post by AvzinElkein »

You know how to reach Miscellaneous Options, correct?

Re: I cannot choose the base game anymore(GZDoom)

Post by HeavensSakesAlive »

Press shift down and then doubleclick GZDoom to run. Then uncheck the Don't ask me again (Don't show the choose iwad window at startup) selection.

Or change queryiwad from false to true in GZDoom ini GlobalSettings.

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