[Sprites] Wolfenstein 3d Death Knight prefer Fixed Sprites

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[Sprites] Wolfenstein 3d Death Knight prefer Fixed Sprites

Post by spforce »

this is a edit of the original sprites i did to fix the fire sprites to make it look more Consistent and clean in a preferd look i liked and wanted to make that i think lot of people say look better and making sense
did you noticed always the first two fire sprites had both rocket shoulders and the chainguns fire together while the 3rd last sprite is only chaingun fire in game look little odd in a way?
well here is a fix i did myself by editing the original sprites from inspiration i saw in 'wolfers for wolfers" pack that someone had used this more clean way edits also on the end of destiny mod baron boss
it looks nicer to me have it in a way only that what actually fire is only what you see to fire in the sprites
so the first two sprites were edited by me to remove the chaingun fire
the third sprite is a mix edit sprite where death knight is only fire in with the chainguns but edited to use the fire muzzle from the second 2nd sprite with keeping the body stance the sprite use but the face changed to use the face of the 2nd sprite for better nicer animation ingame
to be used after the game 3rd fire sprite as a new 4th fire sprite this one
credits go to id software for making wolfenstein 3d and spear of destiny and the original unedited sprites
you can use it in mods you make and release just credit me
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