Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

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Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

Post by D2 Mod Player »

This HD graphics mod works with the Consolidated Wolfenstein 3D TC mod(ification) that includes "All 6 original episodes, plus all 3 Spear of Destiny missions..." and is required to be installed in order to work properly:


This mod contains 2.7GB of HD textures to bring Wolfenstein 3D and the TC to a state where more players would want to again play the original game in a higher modernized standard. This does not attempt to incorporate Wolfendoom or any Doom graphics. It is simply a straight up HD upgrade of the original game. Two new textures were created for this game, a floor and ceiling. I decided having the floor/ceiling textures unchanging throughout was the best way to keep the focus on the original graphics and environments, without attempting to create something new. I am a big fan of the original but always wished it looked better and was more immersive. As I have played through these levels, I feel very strongly I have accomplished my goal.

E1M1 screenshots, no real spoilers past first 5 minutes of gameplay. Not sure how to put the images on this page, maybe I crop it or something, all shots are full 1440p quality anyway, so will fullscreen. Currently I have two thumbnails you can't click with full high resolution links below them, as I couldn't figure out any other way yet. Only 3 attachments per OP is allowed so the rest are simply links for the other screenshots below the thumbnails. The other screenshots are from Episode 1 Level 1 showing environment only:
High res link:
High res links:

Download link that requires GzDoom installation, ownership of Doom 2 with the doom2.wad file, and installation of AFADoomer's Consolidated Wolfenstein 3D TC before this is installed:

LINK REMOVED to make room for other projects.

8-30-21 I just came out with Wolf 3D HD Light. This is the RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD to avoid caching issues on the newest version of GzDoom:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/10A015j ... sp=sharing

The TC thread contains my development journal entries, not everything I say is true as I hadn't completed everything yet:



When installing this HD enhancement of the TC, simply place the textures file into the resources PK3 of the Wolf 3D TC (aka. Wolf3D_Resources) and replace the existing file. Or open the textures file itself and replace the weapon info with the text below. I am not 100% sure I have the latest version of the TC, so copying the text directly into the textures file in the resources pk3 may be better (replace existing text with the new coordinates)! The PK3 can be opened by WinRar, a free trial program that works after the 30 days free. You DO NOT need to use an old PK3 extractor! Use modern software, reduce your pain. :)

Once you have extracted the proper files that include this readme text file, the textures file, and TWO PK3 files containing HD textures only (there is no additions to the TC, it is graphics only) into the Wolfenstein 3D TC folder with the other PK3's, simply add these new PK3's to your favorite GzDoom launcher AFTER the normal PK3's for the Wolf 3D TC modification that go in this order:
Wolf 3D HD.pk3
Wolf 3D HD-2.pk3

If there is a better way to play this TC let me know, I learned how to do this through trial and error. They don't seem to work properly in any other order. I personally use the ZDL launcher that is old and annoying but also seems to work. If using ZDL ensure you have loaded the source port before loading a saved .ini file that contains the proper order of the Pk3's and pk7's.

GzDoom setting recommendations: If you have a high refresh display that is freesync/gsync compatible, you need to make sure that tech will work in windowed mode. During most of this project I had large performance issues with tearing and stuttering. I found out my gsync settings showed I only had it enabled for fullscreen. GzDoom is always in a window even when it uses full screen, and it uses desktop properties! When I enabled it for windows, all of a sudden it was working great! I am unsure if freesync enabled monitors (for those without a GeForce card) have that issue as I've never used an AMD video card).

Strangely, this TC does Gsync best with Vsync turned ON! Without it, it won't run at 144hz on a high refresh rate.

After having used bloom myself awhile, I realize it's not so good with these graphics. If you have it on some graphics will appear distorted.

I recommend Ambient Occlusion.

I recommend 4x DSR if your system can handle it. My personal preference is 50% sharpen. Some may prefer blurring (smoothness). Rendering at such a high resolution makes the graphics more accurate as they SHOULD appear. Otherwise your native resolution is great. :) Unless you are running very old hardware, going below native resolution will greatly hamper your experience, as the entire game is basically 4k/8k ready.

To get the HUD all across the screen as it is in the images provided, increase HUD size to 200% (or max).

This project was created on a 1440p high color accurate IPS display. I cannot afford 10 or 12 bit color displays with wider modern color gamuts over typical RGB. I have 8 bit, which means about 16 million colors, not the old 8 bit which is 256 colors from the VGA days!

Wolf 3D HD was made by D2ModPlayer (aka me) on the GzDoom forums. Not to be confused by Wolfenstein 3D HD and use of mac textures or any past or more recent projects with similar names. This is a true HD mod and not simply a texture transplant from the MAC..... All original textures are prerended and scaled down. This is not an upscaling project. An AI was not used on this project. I AM the AI! No mac or Doom textures were used, as I prefer the original graphics only. Maybe one day if I work on WolfenDoom, which contains many MAC and Doom textures, as the MAC version of Wolfenstein 3D is very different from the PC version, I will work on those too.

The Lost Levels graphics (last 2 SoD adventures) have not been completed to ensure release of the original set and to avoid burnout. When it is completed, there will be two more PK3's to join, and you will be able to play ANY episode in one session.

Project completion: 100%. No guarantee of the release of further projects at this time (like Lost Levels), but I will leave a journal on the GzDoom forums updated regularly to describe what work I have done before a POSSIBLE release.

Enjoy! :)

This graphics mod is not intended to replace the Wolf 3D TC, but instead to compliment it and bring the game to a level more modern gamers can enjoy with HD graphics. It does not attempt to do more.

This graphics mod is NOT intended to replace the original Wolfenstein 3D which can be purchased on Steam through Valve. I recommend purchase of this game as an amazing contrast to this TC and now also this HD extension. I own both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny on CD and have played it for many years. I own Doom 2 and it's other titles such as Heretic and Hexen as well as Quake the GzDoom source port scripting is based upon by ID software. The graphics of this TC vary slightly from the original due mostly to algorithm's out of my control and my own creative freedom in how to alter each texture/sprite/flat with given filters and other nearly automated functions. Gameplay also varies and it is not the same game, but it is a faithful upgraded combining a more modernized Doom experience making it a hybrid of sorts.

I do not own the copyrights of these IP's by ID software, Bethesda, or Microsoft. No copyright violation is intended. No profit is intended. Fair use is assumed while not officially created as a legal document.

All modification of the original graphics are done in the SAME WAY a 3D engine enhances them already in real-time, just as GZDoom does currently of all known IP's used in this game engine. The only difference is they are this time prerendered for greater fidelity, texture depth, and quality. No real attempt was made to change the original art or reinterpret it. It's merely brought up to a cleaner and more vibrant and consistent HD standard. All textures that were not seamless were made that way through software to ensure the upgrade to an HD standard was consistent and believable.

Noting the original graphics have no actual texturing and are simply blank pixels in large chunks likely scaled down from the original drawings. These interpretations are more from filters than my own ability to transform, and I simply made changes to which filters were used depending on the need of a given texture to look as it did originally in HD format.

The creation of these textures comes from a decade or more of research into photo software and the power of creation with these amazing new digital tools (that also involved self education of something that was new at the time). These textures were rendered in 4096x4096 and originally upscaled using nearest neighbor (therefore, not an upscaling project).

ENGINE LIMITATIONS: The Mutant does not cache properly before each level load (how fast E2M1 loads is great evidence) and can only be 512x512 regardless of how small I make it at higher resolutions. The bosses are the same. As a result, none of these enemy types EVEN COME CLOSE to what I can do from my end. The other enemies are much higher fidelity. Regardless, all are rended to start at 4096x4096 and then scaled down to 2048x2048 for engine tolerance and decent performance.

In addition, I recently scaled down HUD weapons to 1024x1024 which gives about a 30% quality reduction. The game engine can't handle the higher resolution and it dramatically affects performance even on a standard 1TB SSD. If they don't quite look as sharp or detailed as you'd like, keep that in mind. :)

All mods are created based upon a trust of the Doom/Wolfenstein community to encourage creativity and give proper credit and resources to companies who own this IP (by purchasing the game and supporting their platforms) that originally started with ID Software and Wolfenstein 3D. I give this project in good faith, knowing it can help extend other projects. All permission is given to use these assets on future projects with proper credit given.

I would like to thank John Carkmack for being the incredibly creative person that he is, and helping establish this Doom/Wolfenstein community I've so loved over the years. His creative genius of cutting edge game engines helped pave the way for the success of ID, Bethesda, and now Microsoft, along with the entire team that created that game that defined the First Person Shooter Genre. No greater credit or thanks can be given.

Buy their games, and again, enjoy.


Below is the text for the proper positioning of HD versions for the weapons in the HUD. The HUD bar may need to be zoomed in 200% in order to properly work as each bar resize would require different settings. These settings were difficult to come by and were not a focus on the project.

Sprite Optional KNIFA0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0416, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional KNIFB0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0417, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional KNIFC0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0418, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional KNIFD0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0419, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional KNIFE0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0420, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional LUGRA0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0421, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional LUGRB0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0422, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional LUGRC0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0423, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional LUGRD0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0424, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional LUGRE0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0425, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional MGUNB0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0426, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional MGUNC0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0427, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional MGUND0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0428, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional MGUNE0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0429, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional MGUNW0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0430, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional CGUNA0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0431, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional CGUNB0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0432, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional CGUNC0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0433, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional CGUND0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0434, 0, 0}
Sprite Optional CGUNE0, 192, 192 {Offset -65, 40 XScale 1 YScale 1 Graphic WSPR0435, 0, 0}
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: FINISHED Wolf 3D HD -texture conversion for Consolidated

Post by D2 Mod Player »

This is the start of my blog, so it's separate from the OP. I have several pretty cool things to report about this project:

I spent 3 days on Lost Levels, the last two Spear 20 mission adventures in the Wolfenstein 3D TC by AFA Doomer. Things were going smoothly, doing the hardest parts of the graphics first that include walls, when I took a detour to do weapons as those can often be a challenge and are technically a hurdle since HUD graphics are very different from more dynamic game graphics you interact with in the environment. The chaingun in Lost levels, that sounds like a mini gun, was abysmal. I worked extra hard on it and improved all the weapons for Lost Levels. This in turn bled into the original Wolfenstein weapons, which were also quite an upgrade, and then it bled into enemy graphics!

So I am announcing here that not only have I started work on Lost Levels (it says finished in my OP as the available download is 100% complete), I am also upgrading the visuals of the original project! That includes weapons and ALL enemies. In particular, the german shepherd has the most massive visual upgrade, it being hampered by poor definition to begin with. I then heavily pulled back this rather strong image enhancer to work on the finer detail of the other enemies that rely on faces, guns, and other things that should not be distorted by anything so strong. It has worked tremendously.

As a result, for now, I recommend holding off on this download until I update the download, and I will announce that on this post and will probably not be double posting.

I noticed screenshots are malfunctioning. I have another image app I used before, that worked better as suggested by a member last year, that I'll be using. I have also already upgraded the visuals a number of days ago and re-uploaded due to improving the main door in the game a good amount.

I recently had a 3 day rest from all of this, so as of right now I'm doing well and am moving ahead quickly. I knew alteration of the project was a risk to take, as it'd been 10 years plus and I had never released one thing. I had to push to get out this release and it took an entire day of learning and preparing to get in on this website. So I am just happy it's up at this point, and promise more good things to come. :)

Future possibilities include WolfenDoom, assuming work continues to flow quickly and I am mentally well (meaning I don't get burned out from it, I have to enjoy this after all). :) The significance of this would mean I'd have higher definition alternatives for this original project that may bleed into it creating greater quality and detail in the graphics. But since many probably enjoy the original graphics, this may be an alternate pack of sorts after having completed WolfenDoom. For now Lost Levels and WolfenDoom are not guaranteed, OF COURSE, but an upgrade to the original project is. And as of right now, I see no reason Lost Levels cannot release, but I warn it's DRAMATICALLY different from the original and is QUITE bizarre graphically and a huge challenge. I'm not entirely sure what my direction will be with it until I've done a full pass on ALL the graphics and played through the levels as well! Surely a good several weeks of work like the original was.

8-2-21 Noting here my promise to upgrade the original Wolf 3D tileset is not with MAC graphics, but simply enhancing what I have already completed. As of the time of this writing, all assets except a few objects and the walls have been worked on (the walls may go untouched and are fine as is). Work goes very fast on it when I am being ambitious, as I have worked with these assets so much I know and understand their properties very well. When redoing boss graphics, for example, I have to make MANY decisions over several hours as I render each frame and each new boss.

8-7-21 Almost a week after and I've redone the more difficult assets, the majority of them, the walls. I'd call this a 2.0 version for sure. I'm going to do another pass on the main enemies (not bosses) and weapons and make sure I have them just right, as well as objects, since the amount of time it takes to quality check them is very minor compared to the complete overhaul I've done. Nobody will notice since I don't know that anyone has downloaded this, but the difference is quite substantial visually and will affect it's quality moving forward; and it will affect the potential of the future projects I may work on. I care a GREAT MORE for this original graphics set than Lost Levels provides as an experience. :D

8-16-21 I worked on walls even longer and replaced everything including what I'd done last year that was quite good but not up to my current standard. A new monitor really helps with that! I have only the easy stuff left, objects and enemies (not redoing bosses). I simply haven't given an update in over a week due to the work going rather slowly, often only doing one wall a day, and sometimes taking all day to do that one wall.

There is a possibility I'll start another project and not do Lost Levels at this point (2 spear level sets with totally different graphics from the original) as I've worked on this well over a month and I may need a scene change! It may not be WolfenDoom as a result.

8-24-21 I may play it a bit and probably sleep for the night, but I am otherwise finished with this Wolf 3D HD 2.0 version! Absolutely everything is improved, BJ's HUD face, the weapons, the objects, the enemies, and the walls. :) The flats were already solid, as there are only 2 and come from really high quality free textures, and one I personally bumpmapped with a type of rust to make it unique from anything online.

So I need update the read me and upload it. Once I have finished this process, I will make another post in this thread announcing the release, and I will change the title of this OP (post) to indicate a 2.0 version! :D
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

Instead of doing the Lost Levels tile set I realized upon starting them I had better ways to remaster everything I've done before, what happens when you have better technology and need to rethink what you've done for so long.

EVERYTHING in this 2.0 version release has upgraded visuals. That includes BJ himself (HUD unchanged for 2 years), items, weapons, enemies, walls, and doors!

Make sure to see updates in the OP like comments about HUD positioning for the weapons needing 200% HUD zoom for proper weapon positioning, which means the HUD stretches across the entire screen on a 16:9 display (other positions may work reasonably but they are untested and not a focus on this project).

I'll give an update in my journal entries above, without bumping this OP soon, when I decide to do another project, whether it's lost levels, WolfenDoom, or something entirely different like Doom 2. If I update this project in a MAJOR way, I will bump the thread as I just did. Enjoy!

EDIT: I had forgotten to note that the latest TC by AFA Doomer I do not support with this mod as it does not have Lost Levels and I haven't played through it to know how bug free it is. The Consolidated TC works perfectly besides broken menus (cosmetically) and bad fonts.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

OK guys. I updated my GzDoom and all was well before, now the precaching has changed and most of assets, objects and enemies that are 2048x2048 for 4k displays, and therefore there's MAJOR stuttering. None of these are precaching!
My first attempt failed after looking up scripting. It could be because the TC is ACS? Not sure, or I simply did it wrong.
The TC that's older than his latest edition but has lost levels is here:
This graphics mod is based on the Consolidated TC, the top download.

vid_preferbackend "1"

That can be changed in your main gzdoom preference file that includes your Windows user name. This makes the stuttering less severe when you encounter an enemy, thanks to a guy who worked on a precache file for a Wolfendoom mod.

So the way I have this TC in HD is I set two different PK3 files with \Hires folders and then split them up so they won't go over 2GB, which seems to be the maximum size. In one of these PK3's I tried an experiment file named precache.txt.

Here's a sample of how it starts. I tried a sprites folder as an experiment as that was a suggestion in another thread. I did the starting guard enemy only and so far I haven't gotten the game to recognize it at all:

PreCacheTextures = "\Hires\WBRNA1",


I put it in the base of the Wolf 3D HD2 PK3 file. Any suggestions?

If someone reads this and doesn't know how to help because of the TC, please help me in precaching normal Doom/Doom II files as that's likely my next project starting with the sprite enemies, as nobody has ever resized/remastered those well at all from what I've seen! I'll take all the help I can get. :D

If I don't get a response here I'll also post in the help/tutorial section. I'm having a hard time finding similar TC's/graphics mods already published with good examples of how to do this. I've researched this all day (most of it at least), and I can't actually start another project until I'm sure how to do it with the base Doom game either (with gzDoom of course).

I am mostly a graphics guy and don't really do scripting but am willing to learn if I need to. I ported over 3D models to this TC 10 years ago, that took me 2 months of research, in an unreleased project. However the current remastered sprites actually look far better.....

Later tonight I tried a RAM drive and also different compression levels, including a 0 compression level .zip for my graphics. So I've determined the bottleneck is decompression itself and the only way to alleviate the problem is precaching.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

I am right now uploading Wolf 3D HD Light to avoid the precaching issues 90% (you will see an additional link above when it's uploaded, also removed duplicate graphics where I made mistakes).

Added to the readme:

This is for the light version of the mod to avoid most precaching problems I found after updating GzDoom when the project was completed. All enemies and objects that were 2000x2000 were scaled down to 1000x1000. It's a similar experience to the original but still doesn't perform as well as on old builds of GzDoom with the slightly better graphics. I am unsure if I will ever be able to precache this project as it's run with ACS scripting.
So now players with legacy hardware can run a similar quality (though legacy hardware can't run it nearly as well) and have a much higher framerate. However, it may still majorly skip if you run the game on a hard drive. I highly recommend a SATA drive. M.2 need not apply as running the game in a RAM Drive does not fix the stuttering, and that is MUCH faster than any M.2! The exception may be when Microsoft launches Direct Storage to compete with Sony's capability of realtime loading of environments. We'll see. In the mean time, enjoy!
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by Gamerwarrior117 »

on decino videos. how do you have it like the way he plays it? for main campaigns and mods?
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

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This graphics mod is for the base 6 episodes and Spear of Destiny. It's possible to convert level sets, but I haven't tried yet, and only vanilla (unmodded) level sets.

Otherwise I don't know what you mean. Thank you for your interest and discussion on the TC thread.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

Re: Wolfenstein 3D TC (Version 3.0)

Unread postby Gamerwarrior117 » Thu Sep 23, 2021 11:56 am
hey, its working now. wolf 3d hd works. i forgot to download the light version of it. its all smooth again. but the main menu is still smooshed togethor. not sure how to fix that. but otherwise gameplay works.

My response. I moved his comment from that thread to my OP here:

Yes, that's why I updated to a Light version. :D

You can make comments on this thread instead of that one. :D

I'm glad it's working better for you now. The stuttering was the ONLY issue, as any other glitches has to do with the TC. Infact, when working on Doom with NO mods ALL my textures cache just fine and have ZERO stuttering! So that comes from the TC as well, which I always suspected.

The menu problem I discussed above included the Light edition. It's a low priority as it works just fine as it is.

And if I ever break from Doom I'll attempt to improve SOME graphics that were poorly done due to engine limitations of the FORMER version of GzDoom.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by Gamerwarrior117 »

not a problem. im sure its easier to contact on this one.

i do notice though. the sounds don't make the guards react? i replaced the doom 2 wolf 3d hd ones with the light ones.

like when you first fire a shot. its suppose to alert the guards. in the first level. im sure other levels. unless thats a new change?
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

I experienced no difficulty myself, but if you have played vanilla Wolfenstein 3D recently you will definitely see behavior differences. In many ways the guards respond MORE OFTEN than in vanilla running out of corners hearing noise, when in the original they'd always stay put to surprise you. I actually prefer the way this TC behaves to the original, I feel it's an improvement. :)

So in that case it's with the TC. The Consolidated version hasn't been updated in years, to my knowledge. I actually have no idea how to download his later version. My mod is graphics only with the exception of that one change for HD weapons in the HUD.

So yes, you can post about that stuff in his TC thread. :D I have no plans to attempt to improve it. If I make a mod that changes things in the game, it will be much more humble than his amazing TC. :D
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by Gamerwarrior117 »

D2 Mod Player wrote:I experienced no difficulty myself, but if you have played vanilla Wolfenstein 3D recently you will definitely see behavior differences. In many ways the guards respond MORE OFTEN than in vanilla running out of corners hearing noise, when in the original they'd always stay put to surprise you. I actually prefer the way this TC behaves to the original, I feel it's an improvement. :)

So in that case it's with the TC. The Consolidated version hasn't been updated in years, to my knowledge. I actually have no idea how to download his later version. My mod is graphics only with the exception of that one change for HD weapons in the HUD.

So yes, you can post about that stuff in his TC thread. :D I have no plans to attempt to improve it. If I make a mod that changes things in the game, it will be much more humble than his amazing TC. :D
gotcha. seems reasonable for gameplay purposes. i guess when you use to playing the original, your mind gets attach to it, lol.

im not too sure either on updating. im assuming its been sometime.

no worries. i cool with the changes. not a problem.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

Post by D2 Mod Player »

Yesterday I decided to research and update with photoshop to see what was new. Neural AI in photoshop turned out to not do much besides on a few Doom doors I worked on. It made it a BIT sharper. Then I realized I hadn't fully utilized a filter called Unsharp Mask. I learned how to incorporate it into my remastering technique and today churned out all 5 basic enemies again! And that includes a 1024 version of the zombie. :D Nothing to get excited about with the zombie, but it should be an improvement over the older engine where it couldn't cache the textures at all. Texture caching is currently a SMALL issue on objects and enemies, but once they are loaded in the individual level it shouldn't skip any longer.

I will release an update (an actual download) when I decide to stop making improvements. I also learned how with Doom I've worked on, with an unannounced project, some other techniques.

The new Wolfenstein enemies I created today (remasters of the same old graphics we are accustomed to) are also different in that I start with an 8000x8000 nearest neighbor version, and then progress from there. This technique, without Unsharp Mask, has totally transformed the monsters in Doom for me in a fantastic way including those least detailed like the zombies and imps. I need to redo them and objects yet again as I work on that project, so it's only partly done, otherwise it's been great experience for improving my technique!

Wolfenstein has always been my GREATEST passion, and Doom a secondary fascination. Doom is a better game, but Wolfenstein truly excites my imagination. :D

I will continue to give updates as work moves ahead. No updates (journal entries) in the future means I'm probably being lazy playing games. :D OR I am working on something big and I am not prepared to release something that isn't fully fleshed out and completed upon first announcement. I'll let you know!

Thanks to THOSE FEW who have checked out my humble graphics project. I hope you have found it satisfactory. It was a great joy of mine to finally be done with a project that had festered in my mind for well over 10 years, just one year ago!

As far as a screenshot, I'll consider it in a future update. The difference is subtle in-game unless you are close to an enemy, at which point they appear smoother and more consistent. Redoing objects would be the next effort if I believe I can improve something, and weapons. These are all very easy for me. It is the walls that define the entire Wolfenstein 3D environment that can literally take a month, even if I do it all right the first time. These have already had a significant redo since the original release. So download it if you found this mod and tried it in the first 30 days.

So until my next blog, laters.....
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

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There's a link to BJ's face. Took me quite awhile, it's probably the hardest single thing in the entire project and I was greatly disappointed by how the final release turned out. The screenshot has the HUD at 200% so he appears a bit blurred. With a smaller HUD it looks better that way as any emphasis on BJ's good looks is way too distracting in game. Anyone who played the current version would agree this is a big improvement!

BJ's face contains no noise like my other graphics, as when it scales down in the HUD it's acutely distorted when you use it. It is only this clear from applying no less than 3 Unsharp Masks, something I wasn't very good at a year ago.

Now to look at the other aspects of the game and see if they need revamping for the next update.

Dead body is a nothing special preview of the improved enemies. Unanimated the texturing is a bit off from scaling it down. Animated it's a huge improvement because the colors are more natural and I am able to saturate the enemies better causing them to be more pleasing to the eye.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D T

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Today I spent a short time redoing the weapons. Here's a few screenshots of the handgun and chaingun firing! My first screenshot of the chaingun....


These are a HUGE improvement visually in-game when using them. I was quite pleased to see the turnout. :D

Here's a similar screenshot to the one I made a few days ago (comment above this one) so you can compare the handgun visually with what's been in the game for a year now.


So far I've not felt I need to touch up any special effects that are needed with more visually realistic games like Doom (I did with my private version). The frames are very limited and there's no real lighting in the game.

The chaingun is left pretty soft and has entirely different settings compared to the other 3 weapons. It's appearance is incredibly delicate and it can't be as sharp. I am still quite pleased by how it feels in-game compared to the old version. :)

Now there is a big reason people don't attempt to improve the originals. They are ATROCIOUS! :) Most mods replace the originals with custom hand drawn images or even from Doom (and Mac Wolf 3D). But the point in this graphics mod is to feel like the original and have improvements visually as a remaster as opposed to replacing all the assets. Anything less, because of how this mod was envisioned, it would be jarring to not have some form of the original graphics in conjunction with the rest of the mod and how all of it is 100% related to the original source material.

A new download/update timeframe will be based upon what else I feel can improve, as I am going to reupload the ENTIRE project and remove the current version. With this current result redoing objects in the game are a very likely guarantee (barring I make the time to continue to improve the project)! The boss graphics being redone are a possibility as well (that one depends on how fast the game engine can access the fat high pixel density enemies, it can make a big difference it what detail levels are allowed!).

UPDATE 8-15-22

I did successfully redo 3 objects which have an obvious quality increase. I've not work on it in awhile. I thought I'd update this without bumping so as to not annoy anyone, LOL. I want to work on it but just haven't of late. Why? I don't know. This project is work, and it needs to be fun. It was fun for an entire day and I made progress almost a month ago now. I'm sure to return to it.

I made a conscious decision to improve this project simply because I'm frustrated at my progress on Doom itself, and how many literal man hours in front of me if I work on that. It was needed experience, but I had alot of burnout similar to Wolfenstein last year. Once I was done with the project I'd only have tried to work on it again if I was paid, because it was boredom with the entire theme of the game due to overworking myself to fulfill the goal last year. :) That is, with Wolfenstein in general.

My main motivation to work on Doom graphics was to eventually lead up to working on Wolfendoom graphics. The reason for this is that Wolfendoom itself would be relatively easy in it's resources, but as it borrows a great deal of the Doom assets, I need to be sure on the visual quality and style of that before I even attempt WolfenDoom. It's just so much work and overwhelming time, that unless my full passion returns, this project here is all I want to work on currently.

I thought I'd express some of my mental struggle here, so people will understand. Mods are a funny sort. You get excited about them, but at the same time, you KNOW not to pester someone to progress when they are likely doing it as a hobby and not as a career path! In other words, unless something is promised, which I did above, there's no reason to make their experience negative from requests. I've always had that attitude with mods, up and until the point where someone makes a promise, and then I may encourage them. ;)
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

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Why does it look so blurry and/or fuzzy? Did you do that deliberately?

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