ROTT weapons

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ROTT weapons

Post by Okgo5555 »

I have been musing about what id's next shooter would have been if it was an iterative step rather than an entirely new approach like they did with quake. So, it got me thinking about what features were in the "doom clones" of the time that realistically could have found their way into whatever the DooM after DooM 2 would have been.

What came to mind was the way the weapon spites scaled ever so slightly when the player was moving in ROTT from 1995. I always thought that this small touch did a good job of making the hud weapon sprites feel immersive and made the player pawn feel less like a kill vehicle that has a 2d representation of its weapon. I thought it made a real difference in the "game feel" of the weapons.

Is there a way to intergrate this in a gzdoom mod? Is there some relatively workable way to emulate this touch?

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