Virtualize item/weapon name tag display

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Virtualize item/weapon name tag display

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Display of weapon name tags, as controlled by the 'displaynametags' CVar, is hard-coded in g_game.cpp as StatusBar->AttachMessage calls in the 'slot', 'weaprev', and 'weapnext' console binds.

Additionally, the DisplayNameTag function called in the ZScript PlayerPawn InvNext and InvPrev functions to display inventory item name tags is a native function (also in g_game.cpp).

Can these be standardized and consolidated, or otherwise be set up to allow override via ZScript?
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Re: Virtualize item/weapon name tag display

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Would very much like this, as the current method I have for replacing name tags is very hacky.
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Re: Virtualize item/weapon name tag display

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If there can be a function to actually print them too, that would be so helpful as well.

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