anyone interested in casual chatting?

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anyone interested in casual chatting?

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I always thought that modders, developers, etc. could be interesting people to chat with casually. We are from several different countries, a cultural exchange could be interesting too. I am from Hungary, but I learn Polish and Russian at university. I could tell about life here, culture, history and language, and you can tell about life there, in the other country.

As a Doom modder I kinda feel like a black sheep. When I tell random local people about my hobby, they cannot even begin to imagine it :D It is even hella difficult to explain what gzdoom is. Sourceport? People don't get it. My other hobbies are history and music. Somehow as an extraverted person it feels quite a bit lonely, when you have to explain so many things just to be able to answer the simple question: What were you doing today? or How are you?

I think you get it. I ask you guys if there is any community on other platforms perhaps where I should join to feel less isolated. Or we can make one, discord or something if there are enough people interested. But I am against communities with senseless shitposting and memes only and lolxdlmao kind of things. Or if you are interested in casual chatting and getting known each other, you can text me either here on the forum, or on discord. zsirosbodomn#2975 Or... you can just answer under this post, there could be a public conversation about cultural exchange for example, I'm fine with anything.
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Re: anyone interested in casual chatting?

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The forums are ill-suited for that, and plus, people tend to get annoyed with a topic that gets a lot of rapid replies constantly. So it's best to take shit-shooting to the Discord server if needed.

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