Translation 'Ice' not working. [recent but unknown SVN]

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Lord Misfit
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Translation 'Ice' not working. [recent but unknown SVN]

Post by Lord Misfit »

So as said above, the 'Ice' translation for monsters/actors [and potentially more translations] seem to be broken. I have a quick test wad below. Load up Doom or Doom 2 and kill enemies with any weapon that uses bulletpuffs. The file changes them to deal Ice damage. The monsters palette/translation does NOT change even though they do freeze solid. This is not noticable with Hexen monsters due to them having unique 'frozen' sprites. Appearantly a couple of others have noticed this as of recentish SVNs, but unfortunately I do not know off hand the exact SVN where it happened. x.x;
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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: Translation 'Ice' not working. [recent but unknown SVN]

Post by Graf Zahl »

Fixed. The code was disabled for debugging and not reenabled afterward.

(BTW, there is no SVN anymore - not for a very long time. :P)
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Re: Translation 'Ice' not working. [recent but unknown SVN]

Post by Nash »

To further elaborate on what Graf said; ZDoom and GZDoom's development moved to Github a very, very long time ago, abandoning the SVN control system.

These days, it is more common to refer to in-development builds as just that; development builds, or specific "commits". A commit is every single entry you see on this page.

So, in conclusion, technically, it would have been more correct to say "recent but unknown commit". "Uknown-ish commit". Etc.

To show a specific commit, one would either refer to the commit number as circled here:

Or, going back to that page I linked to, clicking on a specific commit and pasting a direct link to that commit. Like this: ... 3958a31865

Just for your information. :)

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