My take on Tentacles of Realm667

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My take on Tentacles of Realm667

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Hello! So you may have seen that mod Tentacle Barrier on Realm667 here: ... le-barrier

So I have made my take on it. I have documented it via YouTube so if you want to watch it here it is: ... YOIO9cZS34

I am pretty proud of it, but its my first video so dont be too harsh.

To sum it up, what I did was - I took core decorate code, did some editing. Then I took sprites & made another set of those (horizontally flipped) via Photoshop & then I renamed all of those strategically.
Then I made sure those work in game. After that I made like 14 copies of those actors with a different movements. I have put this set of actors under 1 random spawner (1 spawn ID) Then I copied my decorate file & "replace all" few letters so it would define my horizontally flipped set. with that I made another random spawner. And finally after that, I have put those 2 random spawners under 1 random spawner.

That way I managed to put 28 actros under 1 spawn ID, and everytime I launch my game, it randomizes & spawns differently. After few minor adjustments, It worked quite well.

If you all have time, please watch & let me know what could have been done differently or better. Thanks :wub:

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