[Texture Pack] Safety Hazard v1

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[Texture Pack] Safety Hazard v1

Post by Dr_Cosmobyte »


This is a small texture pack i've made long ago for personal purposes, and i thought i should share it. It's meant to give some techbases and stages a bit of a more serious look, adding some warning stripes to textures, as if it were a working place. It doesn't replace all textures. Mostly it messes with walls, doors and a few floor things that i find too hideous for Doom.

There's not too much to say about it, but i do hope you enjoy it, suggestions are welcome.

DOWNLOAD IT! (314kb)

And have some basic screenshots, of course:
Spoiler: Screenshots
Spoiler: Credits
Have fun!
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Re: [Texture Pack] Safety Hazard v1

Post by Facínora »

It worked out quite nicely in the tech-themed Oblige-built Doom/The Ultimate Doom map used in this video.

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