Enemy Triggers

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Enemy Triggers

Post by unfreelance »

I'm making a level that involves killing enough monsters to exit, but when I attempt to make a multiple monsters trigger something, only one works, happened 4 times.
Tried Making a conveyor carrying an imp to trigger a door opening with lowering walls making the imp progress, only one enemy triggered a floor to lower.
Tried having the monsters getting killed deal damage to a baron of hell to kill it, only one monster actually caused the baron to get hurt.
Tried Having a floor that had a ceiling that was 10x lower than the sector's height and have the monsters move it in increments, only one monster moved it up.
Tried having said wall be 10 separated doors that open each monster death, only one monster triggered a door to open.
Mancubi don't help because even with Map07Special only arachnotrons work, commander keen is used by something else so I am completely lost on what I'm doing wrong.

Re: Enemy Triggers

Post by Guest »

Are you using a script?
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Re: Enemy Triggers

Post by Enjay »

Yes, if you are using a map format that supports ACS scripting and are targetting your map at GZDoom (and/or related ports) it does sound like a script could be set up to do what you want and with a few more bells and whistles thrown in if you wanted.

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