Playing and recording Valiant with two players

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Playing and recording Valiant with two players

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A while ago I made a couple of commits to the GZDoom project to enhance the multiplayer experience, specifically to keep track of the total kills, items, and secrets, and to display the final time in the tally screen. Well, finally I found a brother-in-arms, and we started semi-speedrunning Valiant. I say "semi", because we're not aiming to break any records. (Any demo not compatible with the original Doom mechanics, like GZDoom, isn't considered 'official' anyway, although does accept GZDoom demo submissions.) We just replay the map until we made a decent result and weren't slacking anywhere.

Now I actually paid €40 for Hitfilm Express, so that I can put two screen recordings side by side. Thanks to the custom resolution option (set to 960x1080 in this case), it's actually looks pretty decent!

So just FYI, here is the result. :) I'm player 1, so on the left.

I also made a playlist, because we'll definitely play more Valiant levels. Not sure if we're gonna finish all 32 levels, but as long as we're having fun, we'll continue. ;)

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