Additional Rotational Sprites Project

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Additional Rotational Sprites Project

Post by JoeyTD »

This project main focus is to give 90% - 95% of Doom and Doom 2 single Sprite items to have rotational Sprites much like the monsters and the player has.
Many of the assets used in this project are from KDiZ and my mod VAF.

Help from the community would be great.

Download Link: ... p.wad?dl=0

KDiZ team

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Re: Additional Rotational Sprites Project

Post by Splosions »

Did you already tried on creating rotating sprites for the monsters death animations?
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Re: Additional Rotational Sprites Project

Post by Skrell »

LOVE LOVE LOVE mods like this one! Hoping it doesn't break BDv21 as I will be trying that later!

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