Fire animation halt

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Fire animation halt

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Latest raze-x64-1.4pre-35-ga94f29860 and earlier
Duke3d.grp 1.3d from cd; md5 981125CB9237C19AA023719958D2B50

On the 1st level of DN the fire animations in a dumbster box stop after 50-60 seconds from the level start. One flame will restart after few seconds, the other one has some random factor in it's timing(?); it'll restart 5-40 seconds later.

Save game:
The flames will stop a few seconds from the save game load.
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Re: Fire animation halt

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There's some issue with the older scripts in 1.3D that are causing this. It doesn't happen with 1.5. I recommend you get a 1.5 (Atomic) group file and use that instead.
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Re: Fire animation halt

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There things aren't really fixable anyway due to being defined by scripts outside the engine. Due to CON's lack of structure and polish there's quite a few things that are broken in Duke and extremely hard to repair.

In NAM, for example, there is one script that can actually run into an endless loop spawning ever more new stuff until the engine crashes.

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