[WIP] Prison Break

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[WIP] Prison Break

Post by gopher »


This is my first post here :) I'm a big Doom fan since the beginning and I always loved to do levels for it.

I want to do a total conversion mod for GZDoom and here's a little "teaser" from it, it is about a minute to walkthrough. I worked on this about 25+ hours. The textures were created by me (original images from the net, but mostly unrecognizable because of the size down and draw over), the sounds mostly from freesound.org. If I complete it, I would do a proper credits list, but that is far far away...

Here you can download it, packed with gzdoom and freedoom2.wad. You only need to start the "PrisonBreak.bat". The important stuff is: test.pk3, test.wad
https://nextcloud.dynart.net/index.php/ ... 9g4NynCQEz

Here is only the wad + pk3:
https://nextcloud.dynart.net/index.php/ ... PB7stFDsyX

Used controls:
- AWSD for move
- Left click for punch
- E for use
- Shift for run
- Ctrl for crouch

Highlighted features: particles, slopes, 3d floors, ambient sounds.

Any feedback are welcomed.
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Re: [WIP] Prison Break

Post by Dynamo »

It's an interesting little showcase. I do like the custom graphics you have here, but there's just so little to explore right now, and the player speed is way too slow. Also, a piece of advice: please don't package your mod in a standalone format like this, we are on a Doom forum and pretty much all of us have our own copy of Doom (else why would we be here), I like to just take any mod and load it up on my GZDoom without having to bother with multiple copies :) Nonetheless, interested to see how this develops.
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Re: [WIP] Prison Break

Post by gopher »

Thank you for your feedback! I added the only wad + pk3 link. The player speed is intentionally slow, I wanted to have a real speed (like walking). This would be a puzzle horror game, not a shooter (I didn't mention it yet). This project will be slowly updated, as I'm working on an other game (a commercial one), but as soon as I have time for this, I will continue. Thanks again! :)

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