lzdoom black screen on launch

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lzdoom black screen on launch

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Hi everyone,
so, I recently got a pretty old netbook with an intel atom n270 and decided to put linux (arch32) on it. When trying to launch the latest lzdoom with the "-glversion 2" option, lzdoom launches, but all I can see is a black window. I know the game is running because I can hear the sounds and music from the game, but I can't see anything. glxinfo tells me my OpenGL version is 1.4 and then the OpenGL ES version is 2.0. I also tried the latest build of zdoomle, but I still get a black window with the music and menu sounds playing. Is there any hope it can run (without going back to windows)?
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Re: lzdoom black screen on launch

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1.4 is too old even for LZDoom. I think you're reading the wrong value - 1.4 is one of the default values for the fallback drivers that Mesa sometimes uses.

You can try GZDoom-GLES. If your hardware supports GLES 2.0 it's new enough at least for that.

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