Supreme Invasion - Universal! v7 (11/09/2021) (Optimized!)

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Re: Supreme Invasion - Universal! v7 (11/09/2021) (Optimized

Post by TDRR »

New update (after like two years, lol)!

In short, this update brings huge optimizations and many options to people with worse computers can run the game better. It also significantly improves online multiplayer performance, as previously stuff would quickly slow down to a halt.

Here's the changelog for those interested:
-Massive optimizations in general, and also reduction of duplicate code.

-Monsters no longer duplicate every wave. Instead, the initial amount of monsters is added on top of the current amount. So if the
map started out with 15 monsters, then the third wave would have 15+15+15 = 45 monsters.

-Added inv_limitspawns. Limits each wave to a single horde of monsters, then once they're all killed another spawns, until the
amount of monsters for the wave are all killed. Perfect for old computers and playing online!

-Added inv_clearcorpses. If inv_limitspawns is on, corpses will be cleared after every horde.

-Corpses are actually removed now. In older versions, they merely became invisible. Big performance improvement after many waves!

-Autosave CVAR now actually works.

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