Raze 1.1.3 released

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Raze 1.1.3 released

Post by mjr4077au »

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher required) Visit the new homepage (still under construction)

  • Indexed hightile support.
  • Better parsing of .INI files in Blood mods to ensure that they're valid.
  • Game files on UNC paths supported.
  • Repaired weapon switching for Blood.
  • Alt weapon switching in RRRA fixed.
  • More robust DEF parsing.
  • Loading maps via -map command-line argument fixed.
  • Hitscan-only autoaim available for SW.
  • Fix menu strings and missing class declaration for `VideoOptions`.
  • Update `language.0` file.
  • Update `language.csv` file.
  • Merge in part of 783b94f9220a8e4d655663ead66113f2da9e98e8 to fix build.
  • added 'endofgame' CCMD.
  • Duke/RR: Always ensure player's `wantweaponfire` is reset to `-1` after switching weapon.
  • Blood: Repair weapon switching issue by adding missing guard from https://github.com/nukeykt/NBlood/commi ... 05773a26ec that got lost during e375c799ce4c970cd213ae3a2762562fd0d74bb9.
  • Allow CON-based games to have multiplayer episodes filtered from menu.
  • Repair incorrect method call to `IniFile` class from 6576adb80b91d9bad93a7d1ac27a25685590fdf4.
  • Blood: validate .ini files before using them.
  • allow palette emulation for indexed hightiles.
  • support for indexed hightiles.
  • fixed texture lookup for hightile lookup.
  • Backend update from GZDoom.
  • fixed crash when parsing malformed .def file
  • fixed endless loop in replay gain analyzer when getting passed music with an unhandled sample rate.
  • SW: Set default skill level to match original release and what the manual says is default.
  • Remove useless code introduced in bad17f29
  • Check for maps with bad setup of their wall lists.
  • SW: fixed countermeasure for empty lower skills
  • SW: added countermeasure to re-enable lower skills on mods not implementing them.
  • Duke: Fix BOSS2 (Cycloid Emperor) killing himself issue by removing some lines left behind from a2e3bb57259e4a6475938dc50ac0568c5ce3454e.
  • Repair some potential issues from 1354d52c05799f50d804b1b97fd2143e626021de that might be causing issues with #455.
  • don't attempt to decode animation frames at offsets beyond the end of the current page.
  • add hitscan only autoaim for SW.
  • shortened the message for not found game data and restrict to non-Windows systems.
  • Display game data path when no game data files are found
  • zero-terminate the buffer for reading Blood's INI files.
  • For Unix systems, ensure that the root of the player's .config directory is scanned for content, not just subdirectories.
  • Merge pull request #436 from Calinou/add-ambient-light-setting-gui
  • Duke (RRRA): Fix alt weapon slot for `CHICKEN_WEAPON` and `CROSSBOW_WEAPON`.
  • streamlined and fixed game startup with '-map' option.
  • Fix maps loaded from the command line starting with corrupted sectors.
  • Fix `-map` command-line argument not working.
  • Blood: Revise 6018213c71c081911756b9d05cd4abdf6b99ae13 and use the proper volume flag `VF_HIDEFROMSP` to hide multiplayer episodes from the menu.
  • Blood: Don't parse BloodBathOnly levels in the INI loader.
  • added missing widescreen sprite for RRRA's bike
  • added credits for all widescreen tile contributors to AUTHORS.md.
  • use a slightly higher depth bias for translucent elements.
  • map fix for Hickston Swamp (RR mod) E1L3:
  • RR: fixed crash in function that handles acts of mass destruction (like blowing up gas stations.)
  • fixed crash when trying to triangulate broken sectors.
  • re-added line of code that got lost during refactoring.
  • RR: fixed the bowling lane lights.
  • restrict lookup of engine/engine.def to the main game files.
  • depth bias fixes.
  • fixed sprite exclusion logic in getzrange.
  • wall sprite positioning tweaks.
  • fixed: Floor sprites must set their view orientation.
  • properly render geometry that's fully shrouded in fog.
  • enabled saveloadconfirmation menu option.
  • Duke: avoid clipping against self when executing script logic for floor sprites.
  • let Twin Dragon load the regular sw.def file.
  • use the same formula as Duke to offset SW's shadows in Polymost.
  • removed bogus assert in SW's track setup.
  • added the out-of-bounds vertex handler to the secondary triangulator as well.
  • add some hackery to deal with WT's bosses.
  • fixed new renderer's use of fog on skies: The palette value from the wall was used instead of the one from the sky plane.
  • removed the multiplayer scoreboard screens.
  • allow UNC search paths on Windows
  • don't skip lines when an empty one gets deleted.
  • don't let the triangulator choke on empty sectors.
  • fixed 'pause' keybinding control was disabled in the menu.
  • sector splitting hack for SW $bath.map.
  • delete lines in proper order when eliminating a pair.
  • fixed: When the node builder is used for triangulation, all zero-length lines must be eliminated first.
  • Fix off-by-one error in group search
  • Resolve raze.pk3 via search paths
  • Fix buffer overflow at maploader.cpp:392
  • Raze must still use zmusiclite due to license restrictions... :(
  • moved libvpx and libsmackerdec to more fitting places, plus some project cleanup.
  • silence float truncation warnings for explicit casts.
  • PNG 16 bit support from GZDoom.
  • optimized the wall drawer a bit to avoid repeated calls to the render API's deoth bias function.
  • fixed flickering floor sprites.
  • fixed typo in line segment culler.
  • fixed precision issues with GetClosestPointOnWall for orthogonal lines.
  • fixed bad argument count in ScreenJobRunner.Validate call.
  • fixed BunchInFront to do a more thorough comparison in case it encounters colinear walls.
  • when using the node builder to triangulate sectors we must delete overlapping walls.
  • use a higher depth bias for non-orthogonal wall sprites.
  • removed the indirection for the global arrays.
  • Destroy FStartupScreen before initializing video
  • re-enable flat sprite rendering.
  • new renderer: take fog properties for walls and ceilings from the proper elements.
  • RR: fixed double negation in pitch math when throwing dynamite.
  • SW: fixed sector transfers involving a portal for real this time.
  • fixed typo in wall sprite offsetting code.
  • this crash was handled by nothing more than an assert...
  • render free standing wall sprites without depth bias.
  • fixed bad array of arrays access in sector splitting code.
  • Blood: handle title screens so that mods changing the original one still display it.
  • Clear CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS if backtrace facility isn't found
  • new renderer: draw the fog layer for skies.
  • SW: fix sector property transfers involving a portal.
  • added missing declarations for RR's intro movies.
  • backend update from GZDoom.
  • Exhumed: Don't autoaim backwards.
  • new renderer: handle light level underflows.
  • handle the wall sprite clipping properly.
  • removed redundant menu initializsation in M_StartControlPanel.
  • new renderer: fixed bad positioning when a y-flipped wall sprite had to be clipped to floor or ceiling.
  • Blood: unpositioned sounds must be limited to one per channel.
  • added 'load' and 'save' CCMDs.
  • pause the game when app is not active.

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