[Boom/1 Map] Trial of Ai Apaec

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[Boom/1 Map] Trial of Ai Apaec

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"Ai Apaec, also known as the cutthroat god or the decapitator god, was the main deity of the Mochica culture, he was one of the punisher gods, the most feared and adored, he was seen as the creator god, protector of the Mochicas, provider of water, food and military triumphs" - Wikipedia

A small map with a Plutonia-ish theme of medium difficulty (or so I think lol), with mostly revenants, archviles and chaingunners and some death traps, can be difficult on first playthrought but it gets easier the more you play it, there are 0 secrets since I had no idea where to place them, as well as a Cyberdemon fight near the end, the IWAD used for it is Doom 2 (ironically not Plutonia.wad).

Tested with: Crispy Doom, GZDoom, Zandronum

https://www.dropbox.com/s/09u21crn5x534 ... C.wad?dl=0

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Re: [Boom/1 Map] Trial of Ai Apaec

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Wow nice stuff, TNT next?

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