[WIP] From the Depths - A Survival Horror

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[WIP] From the Depths - A Survival Horror

Post by ChrisSell »

Hey everyone! First time creating any doom mod but it's a modest start. I was conflicted on posting here or full conversion but there has only been a few tweaks with the original gameplay to give these levels a much more desperate/hopeless feel. This is a Work in Progress which means I will take whatever suggestions I can get. Please feel free to let me know what you thought of it so far, what you'd like to see added, what sucked about it, spots you got stuck (likely that second fly that needs to die), your finishing times, screenshots, videos, and/or anything else you've noticed while playing.


Wad Name: From the Depths
By Chris Sell
Current Version: 3.3
Genre: Survival Horror
Mods Required: CC4-TEX
Par Time of Entire Campaign: ~40 minutes
Suck Time: 1 hour

Current V3.4 https://wadhosting.com/Wad/AA9357A2304B ... C3F1F489A3
V3.3 https://wadhosting.com/Wad/7259C93ABCD4 ... 8393E4F2A2
V3.2 https://wadhosting.com/Wad/93A4EB32C9A6 ... 80E5C06897
V3.1 https://wadhosting.com/Wad/79DC477359D0 ... CA6B7CB6AD
V 3.0: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/7C15AFFC0EE3 ... 3F3605189A

Doom Guy is no longer the badass you remember, he's you... a scared little baby waiting to be changed. This doom survival horror will change you, don't you worry.
A collection of survival horror levels starting with MAP01 with custom enemies, a custom 6 shot revolver, added intermissions and a weird story line. This game was made for doom 2.
This is currently version 3 and isn't the final wad but the story and gameplay is complete. The textures and difficulty levels are the main things that need refined as all testing was done on very easy to normal.

Nightmare is a literal nightmare to survive this campaign.


Six maps for a playtime of around 20 minutes on very easy, 30 on easy, 35 on normal, and good luck on anything higher. Resources are few and far between but on the plus side you have a six shot revolver with unlimited ammo and if you can find a flashlight your batteries won't die in the time to complete this survival horror take on doom.

Map 1 - Sewer Level stumbling through tunnels (4 secrets)
Map 2 - Outdoor to Indoor Area with plenty of doors with traps and goodies. Choose wisely or take your time. (Two Secrets / Three but Two...)
Map 3 - The Narrowing Tunnel, what could go wrong. (Two Secrets)
Map 4 - Just here to annoy you. (No Secrets)
Map 5 - Hotel Level, if hell had a hotel that was designed to kill you. (Two Secrets)
Map 6 - In the Depths - Secret Level with crushers and nightmares.

More Screenshots @ https://ibb.co/album/nNVjvS

Edit 6-21-21: Thanks for the many of you who have downloaded version 3.0 of this wad. Version 3.1 is out now. There was an new map added to bring the total campaign size to 5 maps. The story was also updated so hoping it's a bit better. Any suggestions would be appreciated being this is my first attempt at modding doom.

Edit 6-23-21: Updated the title screen, m_doom file and added more enemies to actually give you a challenge. From Very Easy to Nightmare this should be significantly harder. Also added a flashlight so you can stumble around in the dark. Screenshots posted and the current version 3.2 was added to this post.

Edit 6-25-21: Updated to v3.3. This update adds secrets to the first two maps, fixes any texture issues I found with all the maps, many more enemies at all difficulty levels, added some decoration but it's still need more eye candy in places. Overall this version is the first I'd call a complete episode that is enjoyable. Thanks for those who play-tested the abominations before 3.3. Ya'll are champs.

Edit 7-1-21: Updated to v3.4. A new map was added, a few more bugs that were discovered have all been fixed, increased difficulty level slightly on the easier settings, the one missing texture on map 05 is there now, and a few new enemies were added from Realm 667 then modified slightly.

Thank and have fun everybody.
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