BrutalDoom 21 visual problems

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BrutalDoom 21 visual problems

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It's been 11 years since Brutal Doom firstly appeared. I've always loved the graphics of the mod, but gameplay changes to weapons and monsters have always made it unplayable to me. When i first tried "BrutalDoom Monster Only" version, i hoped i had find a perfect version of it, finally playable with the option "original monsters" activated, before i stumbled upon the following problems:

1) Where are the lighting effects of the previous versions of the mod? I played BD specifically for the graphics, but now it seems that the "Advanced Decorative Objects" and "Level Enhancement System" options do not work in this version. Look at a comparison between old and new lighting system:
2) Explosions and blood effects are compromisingly overshadowing the scene. See this:
This is what you see when one single bullet hits you; in the most chaotic battles, the game screen can utterly disappear for several seconds, making it impossible to dodge bullets and making it completely unplayable.

Now, this is the way best version of BD ever, due to flexibility of its options, and it's a real shame not to be able to play it due to those hindrances. I wish we could see a version with restored light effects and blood\explosions with the right transparency on it. I wont play Brutal Doom for now, but I'll be happy to do so when these problems will be solved.
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