[MD3] CBMs 3D monsters realm, scout marine showcase

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Re: [MD3] CBMs 3D monsters realm, scout marine showcase

Post by CBM »

just added models for

eldar warpspider with eldar missile launcher,
eldar wraith guard with eldar missile launcher and
chaos marine with plasma gun

current plan:

shotgunguy > traitor scout marine with (super)shotgun
chaingunguy > traitor space marine with boltgun
imp > traitor librarian
hellknight > traitor terminator
cyberdemon > traitor dreadnought
(pinky)demon > undead traitor marine

then I will need to figure out how to fit in these:

warpspider or wraith guard with either brightlance, shuriken, starcannon or rocketlauncher
chaos marine with either bolter or plasmagun

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