Doom with Sprinkles [1.1]

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Captain J
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Re: Doom with Sprinkles [1.1]

Post by Captain J »

Very impressive mod with really nice special effects. However, i would like to try the mod with cutting edge graphic. Really tried my best to follow the instructions like setting the texture filter to none but nothing has drastically changed. Not really against the whole point of retro shader option but i wish it being deactivated was default, not already being activated. But it's just my thought here.

Other than that i kinda also found some problems like Cacodemon still not having its melee sound effect, Revenant's Fireballs using vanilla rocket sprite for some reason, making me kinda confusing and i can fire my Plasma Rifle without the overheat by just clicking fire button semi-auto style. Plus found it kinda weird that only Arachnotron and the Bosses have the gib-flinging normal death while other enemies like Arch-Vile and Mancubus don't have them while they die equally horrible.

Way enhanced. Super impressive mod!
Pompous Seed
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Re: Doom with Sprinkles [1.1]

Post by Pompous Seed »

Yeah, I will eventually get around to addressing the problems you have mentioned, although I can't say when. Thank you for your critique, Captain J!
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Re: Doom with Sprinkles [1.1]

Post by NullWire »

Is possible you could implement Smooth Doom's monsters and objects, plus the brightmaps into the mod?
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Re: Doom with Sprinkles [1.1]

Post by Armolitskiy »

Nice mod. Vanilla with some cool graphical additions. I like it so much. No Zandronum compatibility - so sad :-(

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