Fortress OF DOOM | V0.6 | Released

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Fortress OF DOOM | V0.6 | Released

Post by GoodFishMan »

Want to play a Team Fortress 2 Style Deathmatch mod? Well this is the mod for you!

Fortress OF Doom is a Zandronum Doom 2 mod that attempts to replicate the Open Fortress/Team Fortress 2 gameplay on the Zandronum port. You play as the Mercenary packing most of the Team Fortress and Open Fortress arsenal with some extra items along the way.

What is Open Fortress?
Open Fortress is a Team Fortress 2 Source mod that brings that classic arena deathmatch into the game.

Includes a couple of Deathmatch maps to play in (more coming soon)
Completely compatible with the Doom 2 campaign.
All weapons are replaced (even more to come!)
15 new weapons from the Open Fortress/Team Fortress Weapon list.
A single-Player Deathmatch option in the menu.

Don't worry a lot more is coming, very soon!

What's next?

Love and Gore update!
a complete overhaul of the doom gore, 4 new weapons, new maps, invasion mode maps, and MORE!


More Screenshots

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