[CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

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[CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

Post by SpecOps »

"Marines: Red Alert is an in development campaign taking inspiration from Doom 3's design type, combining dark, tense areas with open combat arenas."

Update 2
Over the past week and a half I focused on remaking Map 3, as I felt it wasn't up to par with the other levels. Level 3 has been expanded with better lighting, different set pieces, enemy encounters, more secret areas, and more exploration to be had.
Map 4 also received a few small changes, mostly to keep it in line with the other levels so far. Nothing to extreme, just a change to some computers to make them more noticeable as switches, and a revamp of the Baron vs. Marines cutscene. (Loud ass water sounds were also removed)
Map 3 will also now introduce you to the Kasma Corp Troops, and the story is continued a bit as well.
Both Map 2 and 3 had some music changes, so have fun slaying to these new tracks!

Hi, SpecOps here! This is my first mapping project, and I decided its time to release a 4 level demo for testing.
Basically, my overall goal with this campaign is to have 3-4 Chapters, spanning about 12 levels each.
Chapter One is set to be Doom 3 themed, with a darker atmosphere and a focus on CQC
Chapter Two is most likely going to be Prey 2016 themed, taking place on a Space Station and focusing on sci-fi settings and a hybrid of CQC and Ranged Combat
Chapter Three is going to be the most ambitious, taking inspiration from Crysis 2/3 and being set on Earth with a focus on large scale Urban environments and huge sandbox battles
This Campaign was also originally in development for the mod Live Through Doom, or LiTDoom for short. A LiTDoom enhanced version is still in the works, but this project is no longer exclusively for said mod.

As for the Demo, it takes place over the first 4 levels of Chapter One, and drops you in the midst of a full-on demon invasion. These early levels will be spent fighting through detailed environments to find an Evacuation Site, and will have you fighting in locations ranging from dingy Underground Transfer Bays, to large scale Landing Pads filled with enemies and friendly marines. This campaign is fully compatible with other mods, but does contain a few special zombie variants, though it shouldn't impact mod gameplay too much. A Second enemy faction is also planned for this campaign, a separate human group called "Kasma Corp" that will actively fight both the UAC and Demons.

DO NOT RUN THIS AS A ZIP FILE! Make sure to take all the files out and run them together, the order should be "Marines:Red Alert" > Resources > Textures > Sounds (Optional)


-Functioning Save Stations
-Scripted Events and Dialogue
-Music Selection Room
-Functioning Doom 3 Health Stations
-3D Floor Elevators and Lifts
-An emphasis on jumping and crouching to explore and find secrets
-Usage of keypads and terminals to open secrets and doors
-Large optional areas in each mission that usually have loot rooms as a reward
-Functioning Lockers that require keycards to open
-Breakable glass and vending machines in early levels
-Special enemies with abilities like partial invisibility, grenade throwing, and flight









https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-DZYk ... sp=sharing
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Re: [CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

Post by Deon »

The map feeling and sounds are great. There's a small issue I've noticed: the enemies seem to shoot through glass without breaking it.
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Re: [CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

Post by SpecOps »

got it, Ill see what I can do :)
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Re: [CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

Post by Colerx »

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Re: [CAMPAIGN DEMO] Marines: Red Alert

Post by SkynetPR »

Awright, let's see what we got.

First impressions: this looks beautiful. i just reread schlock mercenary, i want to hug you. but also uhhh... how much dynamic lighting is in here?

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