Universal Weapon Wheel Mod?

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Universal Weapon Wheel Mod?

Post by Duke91 »

Been playing some games in Raze the past few days (mostly Blood), and to me it felt like something was missing just a few minutes in, one of those few mods that I keep under Global Autoload (along with Spriteshadow) in GZDoom:

Universal Weapon Wheel: viewtopic.php?t=61061

Can I request/suggest something similar to work on all games supported in Raze? would be perfect for those that play with controllers.
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Re: Universal Weapon Wheel Mod?

Post by SanyaWaffles »

Mod support is something that is going to take a long, long while. Graf and co. are still hard at work clearing out bugs and refactoring the various different codebases so that eventually ZScript can work with such a thing.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Universal Weapon Wheel Mod?

Post by Graf Zahl »

For the time being this is way out of scope of the games' abilities.
Don't forget, this isn't like Doom and its offspring with one well defined set of weapon code.
With Build we got 4 sets of weapon code of various coding quality, mostly on the very poor side. It's going to be a lot of work to even clean the code up to the point where we can start thinking about exposing the core to ZScript, much less the weapon systems.

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