[0.4.2] [Fury] 'newgamechoices' menu problems

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[0.4.2] [Fury] 'newgamechoices' menu problems

Post by Gammli »

The 'newgamechoices' menu is a DEF feature that was added to implement custom 'new game' menus for Ion Fury, and it is primarily used there.
Note however that it can also be used for Duke 3D and may get used for mods in the future.

Unfortunately the menu doesn't quite work right with Raze at the moment. In particular there are three issues:
  • First, the menu cursor is off-screen when the "New Game" menu is first selected.
  • Second, entries that are tagged as "hidden" are not made invisible and can be selected regardless. (even when not unlocked)
  • Third, locked entries cannot be selected, and this causes the game to freeze if a menu consists only of locked entries. (this may be the case if the modder chooses to lock all menu options of a submenu until progress is made)
All of the above do not occur in eduke32 r8620.

The zip in the attachment contains a DUKE3D.DEF file that implements such an example menu, and can be loaded with Duke 3D. Simply select "New Game" and all three issues should be visible. The freeze can be experienced by selecting the first entry and trying to move the cursor. Note that if you start the game on any of the entries, the game will start on E1L1. This is normal as the logic to determine where the player should go must be defined in a separate CON file.
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Re: [0.4.2] [Fury] 'newgamechoices' menu problems

Post by Graf Zahl »

Known issue. That menu setup doesn't really mix well with the new menu code - but since IF was not a primary target for the alpha it got pushed back.

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