Toggle Free Camera (like in Skyrim)

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Toggle Free Camera (like in Skyrim)

Post by Nash »


Someone on Discord asked for something like Gamebryo/Creation Engine's TFC command so I made this mod for them. Figured I needed it for debugging purposes in my own project anyway, so why the heck not.

Feel free to use this in any way you want.

Instructions: simply bind a key to toggle the free camera in the Customize Controls menu.

Known limitation(s):

- Does not inherit screen effects from player powerups, including light amp, invulnerability, etc.
- Movement code may be a little wonky; did not spend too much time on this to be honest
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Re: Toggle Free Camera (like in Skyrim)

Post by Kinsie »

This is great. A few more debug camera-related things would be nice too, like locking a camera position (either absolute or relative to the player) while retaining player control, for trailer-recording stuff.
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Re: Toggle Free Camera (like in Skyrim)

Post by Void Warrior »

A very interesting mod. I've needed it for a long time.

The only problem is that when I use the Freeze command, I can't move in space. Have you thought about finishing the mod or is it supposed to be like this?

It's even strange that it's not included in the GZDOOM code...
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Re: Toggle Free Camera (like in Skyrim)

Post by Gez »

Void Warrior wrote:The only problem is that when I use the Freeze command, I can't move in space.
This can probably be fixed by adding the [wiki=Actor_flags#NOTIMEFREEZE]NOTIMEFREEZE[/wiki] flag to the actor used as a free camera.

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