[Convenience] Create translations from palette images

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[Convenience] Create translations from palette images

Postby Camilla Greenbanks » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:35 am

Right now, palette swapping can be a pain if you want to map colors in the palette to other colors not in the image's palette. Having the ability to create a palette image that could be used as a translation would assist with this.

What I'm thinking is that you can create a palette image in RGBA format, with 1 pixel per palette entry, read left to right, top to bottom (so dimensions don't matter, only that it has the right amount of pixels). Pixels with an alpha component of 0% indicate "do not translate this palette entry", while anything else has its alpha component set to 100% (is this a good idea? I'm not sure) and used as the color to translate that palette entry to. Using a palette image in a translation would be possible by using "lumpOrPath" as the translation string, or "file:lumpOrPath" if a name alone is too ambiguous. I see no reason why palette images couldn't reside within graphics/.

Are there any issues with that specification?
Camilla Greenbanks

Re: [Convenience] Create translations from palette images

Postby axredneck » Thu May 16, 2019 4:26 pm

Another variant: apply one image's palette to another indexed image.
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