[Fixed] [?-gd3eb983dd] vm_jit 0 assertion error on map loading

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[?-gd3eb983dd] vm_jit 0 assertion error on map loading

Postby Edward-san » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:37 am

When I load:
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gzdoom -iwad DOOM2.WAD -warp 01 +vm_jit 0

I get this assertion error:
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gzdoom: /home/edward-san/zdoom/gzdoom/trunk/src/scripting/vm/vmexec.h:716: static int VMExec_Checked::ExecScriptFunc(VMFrameStack*, VMReturn*, int): Assertion `numret == C && "Number of parameters returned differs from what was expected by the caller"' failed.

And this is the stack trace ( **a bunch of stuff omitted for brevity** indicates a long string containing many pointers to VMExec_Checked::ExecScriptFunc ):

numret is 0 while C is ...

{11356.523406294143949491931077970765, -11433.4627433362978788372438434526231, 59421121885698253195157962752, 30423614405477505635920876929024, 7788445287802241442795744493830144, 1.44269504088896340735992468100189204, 0.693147180559945309417232121457981864, -1.94704509238074995158795957333327386e-31, 1.00000000000000000000000000000000005e-4900, 5.94865747678615882542879663314003565e+4931, 256, 32768, 0.5, 0.166666666666666666666666666666666683, 0.0416666666666666666666654902320001674, 0.00833333333333333333333314659767198461, 0.00138888888889899438565058018857254025, 0.000198412698413981650382436541785404286}


[EDIT] Doesn't happen on the 3.7 branch.
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Re: [?-gd3eb983dd] vm_jit 0 assertion error on map loading

Postby _mental_ » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:48 am

Fixed in b07ff3f.
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