Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs

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Re: Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs

Postby gramps » Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:12 pm

XxMiltenXx wrote:Heretic has been added, you can grab it here: Heretic Music Packs

  • Heretic does not contain any loop tags as the original music wasn't intended to loop, so just like the MIDIs it will fade out nicely and then start from the beginning.
  • Some music have duplicate notes which would be audible on the SC-D70, while the SC-55 ignores them. Since the duplicate notes don't sound nice IMO, I removed them.
  • Other changes I made were some volume fixes to some tracks, as the music wasn't made with reverberation in mind it would sometimes cause some weird "after-effects". I have fixed that.
  • I have made some crescendo's more smooth as most of Heretic volume changes are very coarse. I only changed it where this coarseness was necessary (e.g. MUS_E2M3)

Duke: Nuclear Winter, one of the Duke Nukem 3D Addons has been added... as it is christmas I think this was a needed addition at this time! You can grab it here: Duke: Nuclear Winter Music Packs
Have a nice Christmas everyone!

I hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for these, definitely getting some Conan the Barbarian vibes off some of these Heretic tracks, heh.

Looking forward to Descent :)
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Re: Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs

Postby MusicallyInspired » Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:12 pm

Right on! Awesome! :)
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Re: Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs

Postby XxMiltenXx » Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:34 pm

gramps wrote:Thanks for these, definitely getting some Conan the Barbarian vibes off some of these Heretic tracks, heh.

Looking forward to Descent :)

Glad you like it. I have started with Descent, but I cannot promise you a release date, just stay tuned!

Anyhow, here's another update:
  • Hexen has been added.
  • All music packs have been updated. The noise floor has been reduced, which also makes the FLAC files about 2 to 8 percent better compressable.
  • Doom 2 Track 'Waiting for Romero to play' has been updated, as there was a crackling noise in the previous version right at the beginning.
  • Duke Nukem 3D Track 'Plasma' has a slightly lower volume, as higher volume caused crackling at some points during playback.

  • Added Compatible Source Ports below the download links.
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