Request: Sprites/Model for Star Wars AT-AT

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Re: Request: Sprites/Model for Star Wars AT-AT

Postby Enjay » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:52 am

OK, I've tried the Jedi Academy model in game and I think size could be an issue.

This is is using a scale factor of 1.0 and, to be honest, it could even do with being ever-so slightly bigger:

If I freeze the game and fly up to the cab, the player looks a little big to fit inside comfortably, but not too bad.

Remember it should accommodate two in reasonable comfort:

With a bit of tweaking to up the scale a bit, that could easily be resolved. The problem really comes (IMO) when the AT-ST starts to move. I've set up a simple walking cycle which looks good, except for the rapid change in direction through 45 degrees that is the standard Doom chase pattern. It's acceptable in man-sized enemies (IMO) but as the actor gets bigger and bigger, it looks increasingly odd. Having this towering mechanical enemy snapping between 0, 45, 90, 135, 180 etc degrees as it moves looks odd IMO. (Of course, it's even worse in long, low enemies - like trucks or something.)

There is also the issue that, visually, things should be able to pass between the legs of the AT-ST but, if you are going with standard Doom collision, the enemy will be a giant cuboid block. (Cunning collision stuff may be possible with advanced scripting/collision detection - but that's beyond me).

In short [ahem] the engine isn't really set up to have moving actors of this kind of size.
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Re: Request: Sprites/Model for Star Wars AT-AT

Postby ReX » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:17 pm

@Nigel: Yes, to all your observations - it is a large actor, the turns are very abrupt, and the blocking sucks. However, if we suspend belief for a moment (and why the heck not? We're talking about a sci-fi movie robot set in a sci-fi horror video game), I think the AT-ST can be made to work quite nicely.

And now, seeing how great the model looks in-game, I want to use just models and not sprites. Alas, however, I suspect this vision won't be fulfilled (as there are lots of other actors for which I have sprites but not models). But, perhaps, we can continue this discussion on our DRDTeam/The Persecution Complex forums.
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Re: Request: Sprites/Model for Star Wars AT-AT

Postby Homor » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:54 am

Enjay wrote:The problem with AT-ATs is that they are huge; IMO, too huge for sprites to work well at a scale-realistic size. They haven't really even appeared properly in most of the official Star Wars FPS games (possibly because of their size). From memory, there are a few broken bits of them lying around in a level or two of Jedi Academy.

I did have a model but it was a long time ago and I lost it when my HD crashed a couple of years back. I don't recall where I got it.

Do you need it to be an actual, walking, fully functioning model or do you just plan on using it as scenery?

I don't think anybody would mind if you scaled it down to a workable size for a mod. It's artistic license, afterall.
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