[ECWOLF] Astrostein 2

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[ECWOLF] Astrostein 2

Postby AstroCreep » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:45 pm

You've managed to make it to the Nazi moonbase in the shuttle you stole, but as soon as you step out into the landing bay, you're immediately surrounded! Apparently, someone still left alive aboard the ship you escaped from radioed ahead and warned them you were coming. Your only hope of surviving is to stow away aboard a cargo ship bound for earth, but before you can do that, you've got to fight your way through the entire base...

This is a fix for Laz Rojas' "Astrostein 2" scenario, fixed up to work with ECWolf. Aside from adding the missing sound resources that needed to be manually injected into the application, this also makes the mod work with the PC Wolfenstein files, rather than the Mac version.


Menu graphics adapted from WolfenDOOM Version of Astrostein, Wolf 3D, and the ECWolf Tech Demo by Executor.
Includes fonts from Tech Demo by Executor
includes imf macwolf songs by Andy_Nonymous
Reverted to original Astrostein weapons, due to lack of ripped sprites.

This is only a temporary build, as this is designed for the crippled version currently
being run by the dev versions of ECWolf. As such, this WILL NOT WORK with the official releases yet, only the dev versions
which support MacWolf. Dev versions can be found at Devbuilds.drdteam.org

This also includes a modified Astrostein 2 mod needed to run this fix, already
MacBinary'd up.

Extract ZIP file
Drag and drop "Astro2_Data.bin" and "astrostein2_fix_PC.pk3" onto the ecwolf executable


run "ecwolf --file Astro2_Data.bin astrostein2_fix_PC.pk3"

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