Grappling hook sprites request

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Grappling hook sprites request

Postby gramps » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:47 pm

I'm looking for some low-res sprites for a grappling hook gizmo. I'm picturing something really simple, a chain with a claw-like thing on the end, something like the one from Bionic Commando on NES.

- Needs one sprite for the chain links, no rotations. Should be small, more or less round, and make sense viewed from any angle.
- Needs sprites for the claw end, all rotations. Could have two frames of animation, one with an open claw and one with the claw clamped shut, or just one, either way.

Sprites will be packaged along with some zscript code and other supporting stuff in a grappling hook micro-mod that can be used by itself or incorporated into larger mods.

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