my apology for my recent behaviour

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my apology for my recent behaviour

Postby Zen3001 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:19 pm

Got another warning after making a bunch of pointless posts, just making this thread to explain that I don't want to get banned and will try my best to avoid posts like these in the future.

My excuse for now is that I have nothing else to do, just very bored here and decided to visit the forums.
(I hope this thread isn't considered as pointless to you guys)
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Re: my apology for my recent behaviour

Postby JadedLexi » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:51 pm

A post like this won't help, you show it by actually avoiding them.
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Re: my apology for my recent behaviour

Postby Rachael » Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:28 pm

You are presently at 3 warnings, and the risk of your next ban being permanent is fairly high. (I'd say around 50% - high enough that if someone's having a bad day, it won't take much)

I appreciate your desire to stay here and the effort you've made towards an apology, but you have yet to really prove that you want to learn from your mistakes and become a decent member of the community.

I know the rules are a lot to read, but I'll sum up most of it for you: Don't be stupid, don't be annoying, and don't be an asshole.

Being stupid is more or less about posting without thinking, having little to no self-awareness, and not properly researching an argument. An example of being stupid is seeing a bunch of people with numbers in their names being annoying, and then posting an incorrect assumption that anyone with numbers in their name is bad simply because of a bad few. Another example of being stupid is watching your GPU temperature spike to 100, after being clearly told numerous times by developers to go take your computer to a repair shop and have it looked at, and then blaming said developers for what is clearly a hardware fault. (That actually happened once) - Don't do those kinds of things.

Being annoying is about posting pointless stuff. This includes things like polls, posting just to be posting, or purposely pissing people off. One example of being annoying is making a post saying all indie commercial games are bad because they don't have million dollar budgets or experienced commercial developers. Another example of being annoying is plugging your own mod in 30 other people's project threads without their permission. Another example is making a new thread in Off-Topic saying something along the lines of "hey I just got out of bed." ... okay? That's relevant to us how...? Another example is a thread encouraging other people to post just to be posting, like the arcade thread that appeared half a year to a full year back.

And finally, being an asshole pretty much is what it says on the tin. It's outright being rude, bossing others to do things for you, thinking you are entitled to things that you are not, acting like you have special privileges, or that you are better than everyone else because of whatever arbitrary reason that only you decide on, etc.

Try to stay away from these kinds of things and it should be fairly smooth sailing. But if we get the idea that you're unwilling to learn from your mistakes - it's out the airlock for you, and it won't be fun.
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