Account for HIT flags in A_BFGSpray

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Account for HIT flags in A_BFGSpray

Postby Zhs2 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:54 pm

Simple three-liner, to account for the hit flags in A_BFGSpray. Useful for tracer rays that effect extra items on the monsters they hit, or so forth.

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            if (spray != null)
               // Account for HIT flags.
               if(spray.bHitMaster) spray.master = t.linetarget;
               if(spray.bHitTarget) = t.linetarget;
               if(spray.bHitTracer) spray.tracer = t.linetarget;
               if ((spray.bMThruSpecies && target.GetSpecies() == t.linetarget.GetSpecies()) ||
                  (!(flags & BFGF_HURTSOURCE) && target == t.linetarget)) // [XA] Don't hit oneself unless we say so.
                  spray.Destroy(); // [MC] Remove it because technically, the spray isn't trying to "hit" them.
               // PUFFGETSOWNER should have the last say here for target, of course.
               if (spray.bPuffGetsOwner) = target;
               if (spray.bFoilInvul) dmgFlags |= DMG_FOILINVUL;
               if (spray.bFoilBuddha) dmgFlags |= DMG_FOILBUDDHA;
               dmgType = spray.DamageType;
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