Monster state controls (Zscript)

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Monster state controls (Zscript)

Post by Apeirogon »

I want change some function, say a_look to a_lookex(0,0,1048)

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action void err_sample_look_I_guess()
globally in every single existing curently on map monster, without editing every monsters code in doombuilder.

Is it possible to do without editing gzdoom.pk3, and, if yes, how?

ADD:Since this impossible, how one monster can control other monster directly?
Like, I have enchanted cyberdemon. If this cyberdemon enter on the battlefield it must

If it see much monsters he with words "REJOICE IN THE COMING OBLIVION!!!" command all monsters stay away from player, to not suffer from splahs damage.
Then, if cyberdemon left with half of full hp, or so, and near stil much other hellspawn it say "DESPAIR, FOR YOU END IS NEAR!!! CRUSH THEEEEEEEEM!!!!!!!" forced all alive demon attack as before. If there are no left alive/left just pair demons it say "WEAKLINGS!! I WILL FIGHT ALONGSIDE YOU NO LONGER!" and start killing all other monsters in current room, including player, and all monster that dont have luck spawn/enter in room at this moment.

If some one interest, if it enter in battle alone, or so, it say "Can no one open me a challenge?" and near death "Back into the shadows to fight another day." and, if it escape from last death strike it will spawn again with words "You didnt truly expect to stop the forces of Chaos"

How make so?
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Re: Global override/change function (Zscript)

Post by Blue Shadow »

No, that cannot be done.

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