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[ZScript] RenderRequired/RenderHidden

Post by Rachael »

As of the latest devbuild, actors can now specify "RenderRequired/RenderHidden" properties that disable rendering based on certain criteria.

Both of these options are bitmask fields and support the following:
  • RFF_FLATSPRITES - flat sprite support
  • RFF_MODELS - 3d models support
  • RFF_SLOPE3DFLOORS - sloped 3d floor support
  • RFF_TILTPITCH - full free-look is currently supported
  • RFF_ROLLSPRITES - roll sprites are supported
  • RFF_UNCLIPPEDTEX - midtex and sprite can render "into" flats and walls
  • RFF_MATSHADER - material shaders
  • RFF_POSTSHADER - post-process shaders (renderbuffers)
  • RFF_BRIGHTMAP - brightmaps
  • RFF_COLORMAP - custom colormaps (incl. ability to fullbright certain ranges, ala Strife)
  • RFF_POLYGONAL - uses polygons instead of wallscans/visplanes (i.e. softpoly and hardware opengl)
  • RFF_TRUECOLOR - renderer is currently truecolor
  • RFF_VOXELS - renderer is capable of voxels
It's important to remember that these *only* hide your actor. The actor will still interact with the world if not disabled some other way. (So this isn't an ideal solution to use on monsters or interactive objects - yet - mostly just special effects, for now)

RenderHidden hides the actor if any of your specified criteria are true, RenderRequired hides the actor if any of those criteria are false.

These go into your actor properties just like any other:

Code: Select all

class explosivebarreltesting : explosivebarrel replaces explosivebarrel
		RenderHidden RFF_COLORMAP;
Attached is an example that should allow you to play around with this feature. Simply load it into E1M1.

Note that "r_showcaps" will show a list of these flags and whether the current renderer supports them.
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