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Splash damage acting screwy

Post by Kuroshi »

It seems from time to time, the amount of splash damage applied to an explosion is increased above the usual amount. If I am not mistaken, Doom applies a set amount of splash based on distance from a max of 128 at the center of the explosion. Well, Cyberdemons seemed to be doing a lot more damage (killing someone with max health and armor in one shot) and I have managed to kill Barons with only 4 rockets, Hell Knights with 2, and Revenants with only 1 which I could NEVER do before. I'm also pretty certain it was impossible in the original to kill Barons with 4 rockets. I could also be killed by my own rocket's splash at point blank with over 70% on both health and armor. I checked splashfactor and it was set to 1.

On a related note, it would be nice to give a compatibility option to allow rocket splash to throw you around while invulnerable to allow rocket jumping with invulnerability spheres. For instance, E3M6 requires this for the secret exit unless you want to loose a lot of health and armor.

It would also be nice to give an option to prevent monsters from getting stuck on ledges from damage thrust or being knocked off of them while still alive, since some authors do not put monster block lines on sniper towers and such.
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Post by randi »

Fixed. Damage was done for each block in the blockmap that the actor occupied.

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