Hexen: Cleric Flechette Gas Cloud Duration Bug

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Hexen: Cleric Flechette Gas Cloud Duration Bug

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I'm not sure if this has been raised before, but I noticed that the duration of the Cleric's Flechette gas cloud doesn't seem to linger around as long as it should. In DOS Hexen, and in Chocolate Hexen, the cloud seems to last around 20-24 seconds, but in GZDoom it seems to only last 10-14 seconds, give or take. I tried a few older builds and the last one I found that appeared to have the correct behavior was bin-1-1-04 from 2008-May-24.

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Re: Hexen: Cleric Flechette Gas Cloud Duration Bug

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Out of curiosity I checked the 1.1 DOS version in DOSBox against GZDoom 4.8.2 and much to my surprise you're absolutely right (I've played Hexen so many times on both and never noticed this). There's +/- a couple of seconds of duration in each executable, but on average it is twice as long in hexen.exe than in GZDoom. I tried looking at flechette.zs in gzdoom.pk3 to see if I can identify what's going on but unfortunately I'm not well-versed enough in Zscript to tell.
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Re: Hexen: Cleric Flechette Gas Cloud Duration Bug

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You wouldn't have been able to find anything in the code, one state in the animation called the wrong function which caused two countdowns per loop.

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