[User error] Render Overlay inconsistency??? [4.7.0]

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Render Overlay inconsistency??? [4.7.0]

Postby Apeirogon » Thu Sep 30, 2021 11:51 am

Download AND extract attached archive.
Launch extracted folder with Gzdoom. Start new game. You should see two strings in the upper left corner of a screen.
First one is jumping string 1234567890. Second one is for comparison.

Open extracted folder, open zscript.zc and change content of a test_string variable to something shorter, like 123 or even 1.
After that launch extracted folder with new instance of Gzdoom and start new game. New string would now move a lot more slower than before. In 'edge' case, single symbol in a string, new string move pattern would match with patterns of second string.
Switch to previous instance of Gzdoom. Notice that jumping speed of first string is much greater than in new instance of Gzdoom.

What I noticed is that moving speed of a first string proportional to the amount of symbols in it, i.e. more symbols -> higher moving speed.
It behave in same way in all version of Gzdoom higher than 4.4.2, including current, 4.7.0. Didnt check it in more older versions.
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Re: Render Overlay inconsistency??? [4.7.0]

Postby Graf Zahl » Sun Oct 03, 2021 4:10 am

Clear case of user error, as expected. You are ticking that element per character, so the text length affects how it behaves.
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